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Welcome to the Team!

Trifecta Outdoors is proud to announce we will be teaming up with Bloodsport Arrow Company and Muddy Outdoors this hunting season! Just click on their logo below and check out some great hunting gear.

There's only one place the pro staff at Trifecta Outdoors will have their deer processed!


Custom Smoking

Summer Sausage, Jerky, Snack Sticks, "Fresh" Deer Sausage or Deer Brats

740-698-7086 or 740-591-4770


Jack and Sharon Fulton

The Big 6 Goes Down!

2014 Fall Trophy Buck Profile

Jeff Grinstead
Jeff Grinstead

Trifecta Outdoors Pro Staffer Jeff Grinstead takes down a giant 6 pt. Yes thats right, a 6 pt. Check out his unique story from start to finish. Even the end will surprise you. It is clearly a one of a kind and a must read for any whitetail hunting enthusiast.         <<click here>> to check it out and remember to let us know what you think on the guestbook page.

Albany Fair Parade

Our team here at Trifecta Outdoors wanted to do something special to get our name out there so we decided to enter a float in the Albany Fair Parade and go with two hunting themes on it. We chose a deer hunting theme on the front half of the trailer and a turkey hunting theme on the back. It was a great time and the crowd loved it! We even managed to take home first place! Thanks to everyone who helped out! Check out some of our photos and go to the guestbook section and let us know what you think.

2014 Photo Shoot

This year for the first time we were able to get the entire Trifecta Outdoors team together for a photo shoot at Pat's farm. Afterwards we went back to Jeff's house with our family's and friends for a good ole fashion cookout. It was a great time and something we should have done a long time ago. Special thanks to Mike Bolin for being our photographer for the day.

Bow Season is here and we've chosen our camo. How bout you?

Jeff and Tommy

If you would like to see your hunting pictures from this Fall on Trifecta Outdoors then send them to  

Please, only submit pictures that are taken this fall, 2014. 


The 2014 Spring Turkey Season was a huge success for Trifecta Outdoors. We were able to take down 6 Gobblers and capture 5 of them on video. We wanted to do something a little different so we decided to put them all on one video.

Hope you like it!

Coyote Smackdown!

Jeff Grinstead

Check out the awesome predator section we call Coyote Smackdown. It will consist of some great photos along with stories that will keep you coming back for more! Photos are up and the stories will be posted as we get them!

   <<click here>>  to check it out!

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