Meet the Staff

Jeff Grinstead
Jeff Grinstead

     Hello everyone and welcome to Trifecta Outdoors.  My name is Jeff Grinstead.  I am one of three friends who initiated the concept of sharing our hunting adventures with everyone via the web.

     I live on a farm in Albany with my wife Jodie and daughters Morgan and Marlee.

     Hunting is something I've enjoyed my entire life but really began to take it serious about 20 years ago when my good friend and fellow member of Trifecta Outdoors Jim Kearns introduced me to bow hunting.

     I'm sure that every hunters' family comes first and after that, it's bow season for me!  I look forward to the entire process every year.  It's not just killing a nice buck that does it for me, but relaxing and enjoying mother nature at her best seems to really help me get rejuvenated from a busy, long hot summer.

     We have worked really hard this year to find new areas to hunt, plant food plots, hang double sets, and shoot our bows to increase our odds of bringing some quality video to our site.  I hope everyone enjoys what we are trying to do and remember, when you've hunted all day and haven't seen a single thing, "Expect the Unexpected."

Shannon & Dennis
Dennis & Shannon

     Welcome to Trifecta Outdoors!  We're Father/Daughter team Dennis 'G' and Shannon Gillette.  Who says you need a son to hunt with?  Shannon is a great hunting and fishing partner!  We're looking forward to bringing you some awesome videos for the up and coming hunting season.  Plus, I'll be hunting and filming other Trifecta Outdoors Pro-Staffers.  We are a very close knit group of friends here at Trifecta Outdoors that goes beyond hunting.

     So remember when your sitting in that treestand and you haven't seen a thing all day "Expect the Unexpected".  Happy hunting and be safe!

Tommy Freeman
Tommy Freeman

     Hi everybody!! My name is Tommy Freeman and I am the third co-founder of Trifecta Outdoors. For eight months out of every year I live overseas where I play professional basketball. My first year after college I played in England and this past season I took my talents to Switzerland.
     Therefore, most of my contribution to the Trifecta team comes in the summer months while I'm back home in the U.S. I help out with the food plots mainly and sling around a few arrows around the back yard and target course. During those four months home I also try to get out on the water as much as I can. Fishing was my first experience with the outdoors and it is still a passion of mine.
     While I attended Ohio University I had the chance to experience the hunting side of the outdoors for the first time with G and Jeff.  Since then I've been hooked and I enjoy the action of Spring turkey season and archery Whitetail hunting. For me, Trifecta Outdoors is about enjoying the outdoors. It's about the country way of livin' and having a ton of laughs with my buddies.

Pat and Ally McClain
Pat & Ally McClain

     Hi my name is Patrick McClain. My wife Laureen and my daughter Ally and I live on the same farm I grew up on in Shade, Ohio. Ally and I are excited to be on the Trifecta Outdoors Pro Staff.  I have been hunting,trapping and fishing my entire life. Ally has been enjoying the outdoors with me since she was a baby and I had to carry her through the woods! She has harvested two bucks, three nice gobblers and several squirrels on her own. We are hoping for her first bow kill this year.

     We are looking forward to a great hunting and trapping season and hope to get some good footage to share. God bless and good hunting!

Jim and JK Kearns
Jimmy & JK Kearns

     My good friend, Jeff Grinstead, invited me and my son, J.K., to be a part of Trifecta Outdoors. Bowhunting has long been a passion of mine. For the last four years, I have videoed almost all of my own hunts, J.K.’s, and my daughter, Kellie’s. So for me, hunting season will be no different except for I may occasionally try to get a cameraman to go with me as opposed to filming my own hunts. 

      It is enjoyable to see Jeff and Dennis share their love of the outdoors with Tommy. It was I who introduced Jeff to the great sport of bowhunting many years ago. We played competitive softball and often travelled out of state. These trips may take us to Florida, St. Louis, Colorado, or anywhere in between. I spent long hours lecturing Jeff on the importance of health and fitness along with telling him how good I was “back in the day.” I don’t think he ever listened to one word. I remember one trip when we were driving to St. Louis, as we crossed the Illinois state line, I just starting telling Jeff how much of a challenge bow hunting was, but also how it is an adrenaline rush like no other. I rambled for an hour or so and to my utter shock, he was not only listening but asking questions.

     That fall, he picked up bowhunting and connected early in the season on a doe. In November, he killed a monster six point. It was a unique deer that any hunter would be proud of. The rest is history. I hope you enjoy checking in from time to time to see how we are doing.

Jason Ervin
Jason & Jace Ervin

    Hi, my name is Jason Ervin.  I'm 40 years old and the proud father of my 12 year old son Jace.  I grew up on a dairy farm in Meigs County where I had the pleasure of learning at an early age about hunting.  I was blessed with some of the best hunting ground around on our farm.  I have been very fortunate over the years to have harvested some amazing bucks, a few spring gobblers and even some mature coyotes. 

    One of my goals this years is to take Jace along with me as we try and take a nice deer this fall.  My main contribution to Trifecta Outdoors will be to film some great hunts.  I look forward to shooting some really good footage for everyone to see without me being on the bloopers. 

    Good luck to everyone this hunting season and remember while you are out in the woods hunting and everything is going wrong to "Expect the Unexpected!"

Mason Chapman
Mason Chapman

   Hi, my name is Mason Chapman. I'm  19 years old and from Albany, Ohio. I currently attend Wittenberg University where I play football and am studying to be a nurse. I am also a firm believer in our savior Jesus Christ.

   I am very busy but in my spare time I enjoy spending time in the woods. I love chasing white tail deer and gobbling turkey. I have always spent time in the woods with my father but was never a "real hunter". I would always hunt with him but never really started helping with the hard work it takes to be a true hunter until the age of 14. I got into hunting and started going with dad every weekend. I killed two does that year. One with a muzzleloader and another with a crossbow. Both were great experiences but I was wanting a greater challenge.

   That summer my dad bought me a compound bow. I shot a lot in preparation for the white tail bow season. I also checked trail cameras and scouted my hunting property very hard. When it came around I killed a doe on the first week. What an experience that was! Although I had a great first week, the rest of the season was rough. I had many close encounters but could not seal the deal on my first buck with a bow. After another long hard season with 3 misses on nice white tail bucks, I felt I would never shoot a buck. But, on the first day of gun season I was lucky enough to take a buck by the name of "Flat Rack". All of my hardwork had paid off and I could finally get the monkey off my back.

   As I said earlier, I also hunt for gobblers in the spring. I took my first gobbler after 3 weeks of the spring turkey season with Larry Bean.

   God has blessed me with many great experiences and I'm thankful for every second I'm able to spend in the woods.

Steve Mitchell
Steve Mitchell

     Hello everyone!  My name is Steve Mitchell.  I live on a farm in Vinton County with my wonderful wife Lori and two amazing daughters Macey and Morgan.  I am honored and thrilled to be part of Trifecta Outdoors pro staff.  I have enjoyed hunting and being in the outdoors my entire life.  I hope my daughters will find the same enjoyment as I and so far they are on the right track!  A saying that me and G like to use a lot when it comes to kids and the outdoors is "hunt with your kids, not for them".

     I look forward to bringing you some video coverage of our hunts as well as the preperation of our food plots every year.  Good luck everyone!

Matt Weller
Matt Weller

Hey everyone I'm Matt Weller and I'm a recent graduate of Ohio University. I'm originally from Twinsburg, Ohio and I have been a hunter ever since I've been of age. Hunting and fishing is my passion and I never pass a chance to get into the woods or onto the water. I came to OU on a football scholarship in 2008 and I thought I would have to put hunting and fishing on hold for a few years. This was until I met Jeff and 'G'. They were kind enough to allow me to hunt and fish with them while studying at OU. Since 2010 I've been with the trifecta gang and I'm fortunate enough to have the opportunity to experience the outdoors with them. Good luck and happy hunting!