Every year hunters spend several hours in the field, stand, and woods preparing themselves for that split second opportunity at a trophy whitetail buck.  This section is dedicated to those hunters.

    A trophy buck in my eyes is defined by more than just the size of the antlers.  It is an important part of the story but not all of it.  Its more about the hunt.  Several hunters who have harvested nice bucks will share their stories with you in this section.  You may read about a 125 inch trophy or maybe a 200 inch monster.  Either way they are a trophy to the hunter and thats all that matters.

    Each quarter we will add a new buck to the Trophy Buck Profile page (spring, summer, fall, winter). Just click on the season to the left and read some remarkable stories that local hunters have experienced in the whitetail woods right here in Southeast Ohio.  Hopefully you will all enjoy this section and who knows maybe your next buck will be right here on the Trophy Buck Profile page!