Trophy Buck Profile

Winter 2014

By: Mason Chapman

Mason Chapman & Flatrack
Mason Chapman & Flatrack

Hello there! I am Mason Chapman, pro staffer at Trifecta Outdoors. I was lucky to tag out on a nice Whitetail Buck this year and this is my story.

I had been on a hard grind all year while hunting for big bucks. With many missed opportunities it seemed like things would never fall into place. But on the second of December, the first day of the deer gun season in Ohio, my luck would change.

That morning had been a disaster and as I tried to put my clothes through a scent free wash I came to realize they would not dry. So I went into a 30 degree wooded area with wet clothes!

We were hunting at a property in Athens County, sitting about 50 yards from a deer feeder. I was accompanied by good friend Scott Stalder. He had taken a nice buck in the fall and was excited to help bag me a buck.

We got in the woods extra early with not a lot of movement. We wondered if we would get skunked but at about 7:45 A.M. the feeder went off. Scott had told me this spot had brought him luck on the first day for the last six seasons as he had killed a doe every year on the same day! So I was pumped to be in this spot.

Scott was showing me where the deer would come from and as he was pointing I spot a deer coming in!  I tell Scott and we get ready for the kill. We notice a rack as he's walking down in the revine. Scott had told me about a buck named flat rack that was a 7 year old. This buck was smart and old and would be a great management buck for the property. So I took my time and let him check his scrape then he started heading to the corn. He walked up into range and started acting funny and that was when Scott told me to shoot so I pulled the trigger. I thought I had missed but then I saw the deer crash 60 yards from where I took the shot.

What a great experience for my first buck. The buck ended up being Flat Rack! Scott was almost as happy as I was because this buck had been showing up for years and was one of his favorite deer. He was glad I could have a clean harvest and kill the deer the right way. Thank you god and thank you Scott Stalder!